Valli & Valli

The brand philosophy of Valli&Valli aims to integrate the handle as a natural furniture’s complement, that can be perceived as a classic and modern item at same time V&V handle represent an endless style of design that can fit with any trend. The range of handles, knobs and pull handles V&V includes two types: handles for opening: doors/windows and fittings for furniture.

Valli & Valli Products

H123 Luigi XVI

design Valli Workshop
Material: Brass

H176 Spiga

design Valli Workshop
Material: Brass

H198 Mizar

design Eero Aarnio
Material: Brass

H1004 Antares

design Valli Workshop
Material: Brass/Brass Porcelain

H1026 Dido

design Antonio Bullo
Material Brass

H1037 Teseo

design Valli Workshop
Material: Brass

H1040 Siberia

design Gabriel e Oscar Buratti
Material Brass

H1056 Quadra

design Valli Workshop
Material Nikrall Lega Zama UNI3717

H1748 Estrella

design Valli Workshop
Material Brass

H4742 Coral

desgin Valli Workshop
Material Nikrall Lega Zama UNI 3717 and Stainless Steel AISI 304

Quality Certificate

We certify that the treatment applied as a coating to the surface of our products and known as PVD is guaranteed for 30 years*.

This treatment has passed the following tests:

  • Resistance to salt spray (1500 hours) conforming to standard ISO 9227 ASTMB117 DIN 50021
  • Resistance to solvents conforming to standard MFK
  • Resistance to specific anti calcareous products
  • Unlimited resistance to muriatic acid
  • Resistance to alteration caused by strong light conforming to standard UNI 9397

For cleaning we advise using a cloth dampened with alcohol.

* We disclaim all responsibility if there is negligent or inappropriate use of products.

An Innovative Path

Industrial designed handles produced with revolutionary engineering processes, which can be declined in endless customizations, responding to specific customer needs.

Today Valli&Valli technological DNA is applied to range depth, finishes and customizations, for a home which fully reflects each one’s taste.